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Lecturer: Cao Zhaoxia, Cao Runping, Song Boyu, Liu Shixi An Puguang Li Hong Cui Yuanbiao Zhang Xin

Classification:Standardized course

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Course Introduction

The development of new materials, new structures, new technology change rapidly, puts forward higher requirements on the quality of welding joints, performance and production efficiency, the traditional welding methods can not completely meet the application requirements, therefore, the popularization and application of special welding technology has been paid more attention in the field of industrial. Special welding technology as a core curriculum of welding professional, to cultivate students application ability of laser welding, electron beam welding of high energy beam welding technology and friction welding, diffusion welding, solid phase welding technology.

Based on the working process, this course organizes teaching contents according to the following four links: "project import", "making technology", "selecting equipment" and "expanding application". It organizes teaching activities by combining various teaching methods such as project teaching, task driving and group discussion. The teaching process takes students as the main body to enable students to learn and learn by doing, expand and enhance the ability of students to apply special welding technology to meet the new requirements of the development and upgrading of modern welding industry. At the same time, we should cultivate students good professional quality, innovative and entrepreneurial awareness and lifelong learning ability, enhance their sense of social responsibility and enhance their sustainable development ability.

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